26. bis 31. Juli 2021

Anmeldefrist 16. Juli 2021

You can book tickets for "Liedkunst" 2022 now!

Tickets for “Liedkunst” 2022 are now available in the office of Nordfriesland music school and for the first time, online via Reservix.

“Liedkunst” 2022 at Husum Castle

21st master class for “Lied” interpretation with Charles Spencer and Ulf Bästlein


Essential changes are planned!


More than two years ago, the COVID-19 pandemic presented us cultural workers with completely new challenges. Ever since, the organisation and implementation of events has been determined by constantly changing infection prevention concepts and protective measures. Despite all the restrictions and lockdowns, we were able to carry out the “Jubilee Liedkunst” in 2021. We thank you, our esteemed audience, all master class participants, and our tireless sponsors, for your patience which is not to be taken for granted and your great trust! The unforgettable concerts and encounters at Husum Castle are the reward for both the musicians and the audience. At the same time, you encourage us to further develop the “Liedkunst” after 21 years of successful work. These are the most important changes:



“Liedkunst” 2022
24th to 30th of July


  • The “Liedkunst” will be extended by one day: accordingly, for the first time ever the opening concert will take place on a Sunday, the 24th of July.


  • A new, additional event will be introduced: On Thursday (July 28th) the renowned singer Roberta Alexander (also a member of the jury) will report on her musical life in a lecture concert, and in an exchange of ideas with the audience and the master class participants the “the future of the art song” will be discussed.


„My life as a singer“
A converstation with Roberta Alexander

A music salon in the Knights’ Hall of Husum Castle


  • All events will be recorded in CD quality. The recordings will be used for an innovative medium, a hybrid of book and CD, which will be published afterwards
  • For the first time, particularly successful former “Liedkunst” prizewinners will participate as jury members in the competition for the final concert (on Saturday, July 30, 6 p.m.)

You are a singer or pianist and interested in participating?